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Will I Feel Guilty if I Place My Baby for Adoption?

By Charley Lustig

You may have decided to give your baby up for adoption or are still debating if it’s the right choice. No matter where you stand in your adoption process, you are probably experiencing a range of emotions. That’s ok! There are birth mothers across the nation that are feeling that same emotional turmoil. Whether or not you will feel guilty if you place your baby for adoption is hard to know.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are passionate about navigating birth mothers through their adoption journey. We have helped guide you through a variety of circumstances- emotional and physical. Our experience has allowed us to become even more prepared and understanding. 

From grief to joy, there are so many emotions that can create a tornado within you. But what emotions can I feel? Are they normal? How can I deal with this emotional storm? These may be questions tormenting you. Allow yourself to relax as we answer these questions and more!

Contact us at any time to discuss any adoption guilt. We have counselors on staff ready to help you work through adoption emotions, loss, grief, and guilt.

What Positive Emotions Do Birth Mothers Experience?

Adoption is a difficult decision. But, birth mothers across the state choosing adoption in Las Vegas or adoption in Reno often feel positive. There is so much good being done in this process! These are a few common positive emotions birth mothers feel. 

  • Peace

In an unplanned pregnancy, everything can feel like it’s coming down on you at once. It is overwhelming, to say the least when you suddenly are responsible for another’s life. Having an adoption plan in place allows birth mothers to feel peace for the future. With a plan set, you can finally put your head back and let out a deep breath. You have been a proactive and responsible birth parent- give yourself some time to find some peace.

  • Gratitude 

On top of that sense of relief, many birth mothers feel gracious. Through Adoption Choices of Nevada, they were not only supported but given the reins in their adoption plan. Birth mothers, just like you, have the ability to choose the perfect adoptive family. Your child may now grow up in a home with a promising future. In addition, you are able to be as present in your baby’s life as much as you want. Adoption brings forth opportunities for mother and child.

  • Confidence 

Birth mothers often feel a sense of confidence in a variety of ways. Adoption is a hard choice to make but a real one nonetheless. By making such a selfless decision, you may feel more confident in the woman you have become. There is also the confidence that you will be able to pursue the future you had planned for yourself. While doing so, your child will be loved and cared for by those who have felt this empty feeling. Confidence takes root in many birth mothers and vastly branches out.

Will Birth Mothers Have Negative Feelings During Their Adoption Process?

With every uphill, there is a downhill. The same can be said for every emotional uphill. 

Although adoption may be the right choice for you, there is its fair share of hardships. Here are some of the common feelings that birth mothers feel. 

  • Fear

Adoption can stir up some underlying fears. This process can feel like uncharted territory to many people, and any new experience may seem frightening. It is ok to feel uneasy! The course of adoption is not one that many people take. But it is important to remember that there are other women in the same position. You are never alone on this journey, and experienced professionals at Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to help! 

  • Guilt

Guilt is a greedy emotion that seems to have an unending appetite. You may feel guilty for not being able to provide or care for your baby. Maybe it is because the time wasn’t right, and you feel an obligation to your child. No matter the reason, you are not a bad person for giving your baby up for adoption. Not everyone is ready or wants to parent. There is no need to feel guilty! With adoption, you are giving others with that parenting desire the chance of a lifetime.  

  • Depression

You have spent the last nine months with your baby, thinking of them from sunrise to sunset. Every ounce of your energy subconsciously went into providing for your child. There will naturally be that feeling of loss. It is natural to be sad but do not drown in it. Acknowledge them, accept them, and then take the necessary steps to move on. Do not be afraid to reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada at any time! We want to help you towards happiness and success. 

How to Cope as a Birth Mother in Nevada

Whatever you are feeling, other birth mothers are in your same shoes. But how does this help you cope? What can you do to cope? Here are a few ways to deal with the whirlwind of emotions during the adoption process

  • Support Groups

We know you may be feeling alone, and that is why we have created this community for birth mothers! During scheduled times, women like you come together to communicate and validate each other. It is a great and safe space to get that acknowledgment and understanding from those choosing adoption as well. 

  • Counseling

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we offer our birth mothers free counseling! Once you have chosen adoption, you will have a professional counselor with you every step of the way. They are a great resource for coping with those emotions due to their experience. It is encouraged to ask for advice from your counselor and communicate with them regularly!  

  • Friends and Family

Having those loved ones who know you best on a deeper level are a great form of support. They love you and want what is best for you. Therefore, they will support your decisions and offer a shoulder to cry on.

If you are a birth mother choosing adoption in Reno or adoption in Las Vegas, reach out to our local adoption agenciesAdoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012.