Will I Feel Guilty If I Place My Baby For Adoption?

By Jan Douglas

Adoption can represent the highest form of love. A birth mother puts the child’s life before herself. There are various reasons a pregnant woman chooses adoption. However, no matter the motive, giving a baby up for adoption is hard. We are a compassionate and honest adoption agency if you are an expectant woman considering adoption in Reno

Adoption Choices of Nevada will always be straightforward with a pregnant woman seeking adoption. We have been on adoption journeys with countless birth moms and understand the ups and downs involved in adoption. We do believe adoption is beautiful, and adoption rocks. But we also know that it can be difficult and painful. We offer pregnant women real choices for adoption. Our adoption agencies believe “adoption is a positive alternative” to an unexpected pregnancy. But we also know it can leave a birth mother feeling sad and guilty. 

Reasons a Birth Mother May Feel Guilty After Adoption

Any difficult decision in life comes with an assortment of emotions. Adoption is tough. One emotion often tied in with adoption is guilt. Please understand that if you are a birth mother and feel guilty, you are entirely normal! Most people would experience remorse after carrying a child for nine months and then allow others to raise the child. The guilt a birth mother feels may come from the feeling that she let her unborn baby down. Yet, along with this emotion, there is strength in admitting you are unable or not ready to raise this child.

The cultural environment a person lives in often has unspoken rules. Although adoption has come a long way in the last several decades, it sometimes still has a stigma. A pregnant woman may feel like she is giving up when choosing adoption—this notion of giving up results in guilt. Adoption Choices of Nevada does not believe this! Being honest about what you are capable of or can handle takes courage. Every single adoption story is unique. You may be a birth mother who is homeless or financially unstable. The pregnancy may be a result of rape. It’s hard, though, to ignore the voices of society. We are the premier adoption agency in Nevada and offer support and empathy to all birth parents. 

Will my baby feel abandoned? Will they ever know how much I genuinely love them? These thoughts can leave a birth mother feeling guilty. Most human beings would struggle in this way. All of these “reasons” for feeling guilty are valid and normal. Giving up a child for adoption may be difficult, but it can bring positive and wonderful experiences. Our private adoption agency will meet with you and explain the adoption process

The Adoption Process in Nevada and Creating an Adoption Plan

Developing an adoption plan may help lessen some of a birth parent’s guilt. Taking charge of your adoption decision and moving forward can be empowering. The adoption plan comprises the entirety of the adoption process. 

  • Type of Adoption – deciding on the level of openness  
  • Selecting the Adoptive Family
  • Will you need financial assistance
  • Creating a hospital/birth plan
  • Post-placement counseling and support 

What Are the Three Types of Adoption

  1. Open Adoption – this adoption will have regular contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family/child. The wonderful thing about adoptions today is the creativity in a personalized adoption plan. How often would you like to visit and see the child? What about milestones such as birthdays or graduations? Will regular contact include phone calls, emails, or texts? 
  2. Semi-open Adoption – a semi-open adoption is halfway between open and closed adoption. The birth parent and adoptive family will not have in-person contact, but they will share information over the years. The birth mother may receive photos and emails with updates on the child, and agreed-upon information will be shared. 
  3. Closed Adoption – there will not be any identifying information shared between the two parties except medical details regarding the birth parent. This adoption is entirely confidential. 

Remaining Steps in an Adoption Plan in Nevada

You are not required to choose the adoptive parents, but many birth mothers want to be part of this process. Our agency will give you several family profiles to review. Once you decide, you will meet with the prospective parents and have an open and honest conversation. All the families at Adoption Choices of Nevada have been thoroughly screened and have undergone an intensive Home Study. 

We can help with reasonable expenses related to the pregnancy – medical care, housing, and transportation. A benefit of working with a local adoption agency is our knowledge of Nevada law and what benefits you are eligible to receive. An essential aspect of the adoption experience is the assurance that your needs are met. The birth mother is never responsible for any of the costs of the adoption plan.

The birth mother will decide what her delivery looks like – would she like anyone in the delivery room with her? In an open adoption, the adoptive parents are sometimes present at the birth. How much time does she want with the baby while in the hospital? Your adoption specialist can help you figure these things out. When a birth parent leaves the hospital, this does not mean her relationship with the adoption agency ends. Our adoption center offers post-placement counseling. The relationship built with your birth mother specialist continues with support following the placement.

You are Never Alone During the Adoption Process with Adoption Choices of Nevada

A birth mother will never feel pressured by our adoption agency. Our priority is offering the best adoption services and looking after the birth mother. If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Reno, our local and licensed adoption agency provides experience, knowledge, and understanding. All of our services are free and customized to your specific circumstances. Adoption can be a beautiful choice if you do not want to terminate the pregnancy and are not ready or able to parent. One of our birth mother specialists can walk the adoption journey with you.

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