Will I Get Paid for Choosing Adoption in Las Vegas?   

By Edward Harding

One of the most common reasons many women choose adoption is financial reasons. Unfortunately, providing for a child is not something everyone can afford, especially if you are suffering from homelessness or living in poverty. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we commonly provide high-quality and affordable services to birth mothers within these scenarios and more. During these difficult times, it’s understandable to look to an adoption agency for help. You may even be wondering, will I get paid to place my child for adoption? 

The answer to this question is no. It is illegal for private and state-sponsored adoption agencies to pay women to give their baby up for adoption in Las Vegas This regulation is in place for two key reasons. The first and most important is to prevent the human trafficking of children under the guise of adoption. Secondly, payment regulations ensure that no one be it the agency or parental guardian, profits from the placement of a child. Adoption is a choice that should be decided upon freely and not influenced by external factors.         

How Private Adoption in Las Vegas Can Help  

However, these regulations shouldn’t discourage you from choosing adoption in Las Vegas. The health and safety of you and your child are essential. By choosing a private adoption agency in Las Vegas, you may be eligible for a variety of our supportive services. Federal adoption law allows for officially licensed private agencies to give assistance leading up to placement. Some examples of private agency services include;

  • Financial Assistance: This assistance is limited to necessary expenses during the pregnancy and fees resulting from the adoption process only. Such expenses may include food, rent, utilities, or legal fees. Usually, this financial aid will last throughout the pregnancy and for around three to six months following birth.                      
  • Safe Housing: Many adoption agencies can provide assistance in finding affordable housing for birth mothers. Some own their own buildings that can be leased to expecting mothers or families.                   
  • Pre and Post-Placement Counseling: Your individual mental health is another important aspect of a successful adoption process. Adoption agencies offer high-quality advice surrounding the industry and the turbulent emotions you might experience during this time. Most counseling services take the form of support groups or individual therapy sessions.        
  • Medical Care: Adoption agencies can provide reliable transportation to medical appointments. Additionally, a professional can help you to apply for federal aid programs like Medicaid in order to pay for medical care. 
  • Legal Counseling: Some agencies hire legal representatives to work in collaboration with one another. These lawyers usually set more generous rates or are provided free of charge. They can oversee your completion of official documents and the eventual relinquishment of parental rights. Furthermore, they can act as an intermediary between you and the adoptive family if desired.           

These services are offered as needed and may be key elements to include within your personal adoption plan. Most of them are also offered at no additional cost to you. 

Placing A Baby for Adoption is Free!                 

Although you will never receive payment for choosing adoption in Las Vegas, the barrier to entry is nonexistent. Adoption is a valid option for everyone and is undertaken by hundreds of women every year. We provide aid to women and families of all cultural ethnicities, religions, and sexualities. Some private agencies specialize in serving niche groups of people. However, Adoption Choices of Nevada is not affiliated with any religious organization.  

Another common barrier to choosing adoption is dissenting family members. Be aware that legally, only the birth parents have control over adoption. Your external relatives have no legitimate claim over your child. On the other hand, If your child’s birth father dissents from the adoption, then additional steps will be taken in court. However, if the birth father is absent or unknown, it may be possible to proceed with adoption even without formal consent.                               

Start Planning Adoption in Las Vegas

Don’t waste valuable time endlessly searching for “adoption agencies near me” on the internet. If you are interested in receiving birth mother supportive services as a part of your adoption journey, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada.  We know that every person and child is unique, and that’s why we offer highly personalized services. This includes the assignment of an individual adoption specialist. They will help you to build an adoption plan, answer questions and advocate for your child’s needs. With Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can and will receive all the support you will ever need.     

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