Will I Regret Giving Up My Baby for Adoption in Reno?

By Nicholas Rodinos

Post-adoption regret can be common in birth mothers, and it is perfectly normal to experience it. You are doing what is necessary for your baby, and you are providing them with a loving home. Losing a child is painful. However, there are ways to cope with that grief. Most birth mothers come to terms with their decision because they know they’re doing what’s best for their children. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you understand and eventually come to terms with your decision.

By Choosing Adoption, You’re Giving Your Baby a Better Life

It’s unfair to blame yourself for putting your baby up for adoption; unplanned pregnancies are common. You were caught by surprise and were unprepared; that’s understandable; you might not be ready now, but maybe someday. Children need stability, and there are adoptive parents who can provide your child the necessary resources and stability. Adoption in Nevada can provide your child with more stability. These adoptive parents are prepared to raise a child and have all the financial stability a child needs. Most birth mothers understand that they aren’t ready to be parents and that they can’t provide for their children. If you need unplanned pregnancy adoption support, there are agencies available that will support you. 

When Choosing Adoption, You’re Making a Huge Sacrifice

Giving a baby up for adoption is a powerful and noble decision, and it requires incredible selflessness and courage. By seeking out adoption in Nevada, you are admitting you need help, and that is noble. Many birth mothers don’t have the resources to raise their children, so they place their children for adoption. You are giving your child a loving home; you are making this decision to protect your baby. Many birth mothers eventually accept their decision because they recognize they aren’t ready or can’t care for their child. They understand that it is not easy but necessary for their child.

You’re Choosing a Great Adoptive Family

Many birth mothers start off worrying about the parents who will adopt their baby. You don’t need to worry. Reno adoption agencies thoroughly check their adoptive parents, criminal, medical, and financial histories. The adoptive parents are trained and taught everything they need to know about caring for a child. Local adoption agencies in Nevada provide you with an adoption coordinator who will help you in the adoption process. The adoption coordinator listens to you and helps you find qualified, loving adoptive parents that meet your standards. Birth mothers tend to worry less once they meet the adoptive parents and see how qualified they are.

Becoming Part of the Adoption Community Means There Are People Who Understand You

Post-adoption grief is common and powerful, but you don’t have to face it alone; a therapist can provide support. Many adoption agencies have grief counselors who specialize in helping women who have surrendered their children. They can provide you with the tools to unpack your grief and understand that you made a valid choice. Adoption counselors have many types of therapy specially tailored to provide comfort for each of their clients. These counselors have experience working with women who have given a baby up for adoption; they understand your grief. Counselors may recommend you join a birth mother support group to help you understand that your decision was selfless. These birth mothers can explain how noble a sacrifice giving up a child for adoption is. 

Choosing Adoptions Does Not Mean Goodbye

Putting your baby up for adoption doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with your child. An open adoption plan can allow you more opportunities to get to know your child. You make an agreement with the adoptive parents, and they send regular updates, videos, and pictures. If you and the adoptive parents agree, you may meet your child and explain who you are. You can tell your child why you had to place them for adoption and that you still love them. Your adoption counselor might recommend open adoption if you feel prepared to see your baby again. If you need to see your baby again, you can talk to your adoption coordinator about open adoption plans.

How Reno Adoption Agencies Can Help You

Several licensed adoption agencies can provide you with the support you need. They can provide you with comforting coordinators who will listen to and support you every step of the way. These coordinators can introduce you to adoptive parents who will support and love your child no matter what. The coordinators and adoptive parents can help you decide if seeing your child is what’s best for you. 

Post-adoption counselors can help you unpack your grief and provide healthy coping strategies through various forms of therapy. Other birth mothers can tell you their stories and help you understand that your decision did help your baby. A licensed adoption agency can help you provide the courage and comfort needed to make real choices for adoption.

If you are pregnant and need adoption services, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada. We are a licensed private adoption agency that can provide you with the counseling and support you need.