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Will I Regret Giving Up My Baby for Adoption? 

By Lindsay Parkoo

At some point in your unplanned pregnancy, you might ask yourself, “Will I regret putting up my baby for adoption?”. These thoughts are very normal. Adoption is a big decision that changes the lives of you and your child. It’s normal to think about the what if’s and try to avoid remorse. Some women might regret it for certain personal reasons. However, most women do not regret choosing adoption in Nevada

Women who choose adoption find themselves very satisfied with their decision. This is because it has resulted in a better life for them and their child. For any woman who is hesitant and is worried about regret, Nevada adoption agencies can put her fears to rest. You can work with your agency to build confidence to say yes to adoption. 

Why Might Some Women Regret Adoption?

To briefly go over the main reason, adoption can come with hard feelings and painful emotions. It’s hard to part with a baby that has been with you for a long time. Many birth mothers are afraid of the pain and grief that can come with it. It’s a process to heal, however, know that you will do it. Along with that, you don’t have to heal on your own.  

Another reason some might feel regret is because of the stigma that surrounds adoption. Unfortunately, adoption in Nevada sometimes isn’t as widely accepted as it should be. Some women may face criticism for choosing adoption for their child. Others might give birth mothers judgment and scrutiny for their choices or circumstances. You should understand that this does not reflect you. You know your reasons, and no one can decide what’s best for you. 

When it comes to this, it’s best to surround yourself with supporters. People who know you and understand you will help you cope with hard emotions and feelings of judgment. Your adoption agency can recommend support groups when making your adoption plan. That way, you’ll have access to women who can relate to you. 

How to be Confident in Your Choice of Adoption

1. Remind yourself why you’re choosing adoption 

If you’re feeling doubt, remember the reasons why adoption will help you. The time might not be ready. Maybe you’re too young or inexperienced. Maybe you’re just not emotionally or financially ready. All these reasons are perfectly valid, and adoption can be the best option in these situations. If you remind yourself of these reasons, you might feel better knowing the outcomes will be positive. Remind yourself that your child will gain a loving family that can provide everything they will need. Depending on your situation, it doesn’t even have to be the last time you see them. Also, remember that this decision will bring about new and better opportunities for you as well. You’ll be able to work on yourself and accomplish your goals and aspirations without worrying about a child. 

2. Let yourself grieve through the process 

Understand that grief can be a natural part of the adoption process. You know that adoption was a decision for a better future. However, the emotional connection you might’ve made with your baby might make you feel otherwise. What’s important to remember is that you don’t need to be alone in your grief. Whilst your adoption agency can provide pregnancy adoption help, they can also provide post-placement help. If you feel that creating a bond with your child will help your grief, then maybe choose open adoption. This kind of adoption is very common in adoption Las Vegas

3. Ask for help from your adoption agency

Your Las Vegas adoption agency doesn’t just help you in giving up a child for adoption. They are also there for the hard emotions that can come with that decision. Utilize the care and resources Nevada agencies provide. Adoption Choices of Nevada has professionals that can help you heal. We can help you get therapy to cope with the grief or remorse you may feel. We can understand what you might be going through. In certain cases, we can give you resources to further help the healing. We can recommend support groups for you to be a part of or give you specially made journals. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada and Build Your Confidence in Adoption

Giving up a baby for adoption comes with hard emotions. There might be times when you feel regret. However, your adoption agency cares about your well-being. We can help you take control of your decisions and manage those hard emotions in the process.

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