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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Working with Adoption Agencies and What They Mean for Your Adoption

by Miriam Fuller

Pursuing adoption in Nevada can look different for every birth parent, as each adoption decision and agency is unique. Learning how to put a child up for adoption often begins by finding what type of adoption agency will fit your needs best. Understanding your adoption options and the differences between adoption agencies can help you feel confident when embarking on your adoption journey. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we value a birth parent’s right to choose what is best for them and their child. We fight to provide birth parents throughout adoption Nevada with valuable adoption information and support so that they can feel assured in their choice for adoption. 

Private Adoption Agencies vs Public Placement

There are two types of adoption agencies within adoption in Nevada: private and public.

Private Adoption Agency

When you work with a private adoption agency, you have complete control over your adoption journey. This autonomy is in place due to the birth parents’ ability to create an adoption plan through the agency. Building an adoption plan with a private agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada includes:

  • Making a financial plan
  • Making an emotional support plan
  • Choosing the type of adoption
  • Choosing the adoptive family
  • Deciding on a communication type (closed or open adoption)

Adoption plans give birth parents the power to determine how their adoption process will proceed. In addition to giving birth parents control over their adoption process, private adoption agencies provide parents with a wealth of adoption knowledge. This knowledge helps birth parents make informed and assured decisions throughout their adoption journey. 

Public Placement Agencies

Birth parents choosing adoption in Nevada can also place their children with a public placement agency, which is owned and operated by the government. Working with a public agency can be helpful for birth parents who do not want a lengthened adoption process. However, it is necessary to remember that by choosing a public agency, your child will most likely become a part of the foster care system rather than being placed with an adoptive family. In addition, public placement often removes the birth parents’ decision-making process. Public adoption agencies are in place to ensure all birth parents facing an unplanned pregnancy have a safe, swift, and secure environment to place their child. 

Whether you are pursuing an emergency or pregnant adoption, understand that you can choose which adoption agency is best for you. No matter which agency type you decide, your choice is valid and should be what is best for you. 

There is No “One Size Fits All” Within Adoption

Each adoption journey is different, containing a variety of personal factors. Just as each birth parent’s needs and wants are different, each adoption process is unique. That is why birth parents must understand their adoption options. Having the proper information about adoption agencies allows birth parents to make the best choices for them. There is no “one size fits all” with adoption. No agency, family, or process is the same or can cater to everyone’s needs. However, that does not mean birth parents should have to settle for an adoption agency that does not need their needs. A birth parent’s right to choose who to work with, where to place their child, and how to process their adoption should be at the forefront of all adoption journeys. 

When choosing what agency to work with for your adoption, you should always place your needs, concerns, and wants first. Choose an agency that will perform the adoption as you want it to. Whether you choose a public or private agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada, your choice should focus on your needs because they matter. Birth parents should understand that their adoption journey is beautifully unique. Your choice to pursue adoption is one of abundant love and selflessness, so ensure you are choosing an agency that will empathically care for your needs just as you are caring for your child.

Uplifting Every Adoption Decision

Adoption agencies, both public and private, are here to support birth parents and ensure their child receives a phenomenal future. Unfortunately, society has made certain adoption types or even the act of choosing adoption to be a birth parent “giving up” or them not loving their child. Those stereotypes are profoundly false and incredibly harmful. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand how significant a birth parent’s choice for adoption is and strive to uplift them. Regardless of what type of adoption or adoption agency a birth parent chooses, their decision is one of love, kindness, and selflessness. It is vital that we uplift, encourage, support, and care for all birth parents in their decision of adoption. Choosing adoption is never an easy choice or process. Due to this, birth parents need to be encouraged to advocate for their needs and choose the best agency for them. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada seeks to provide all birth parents with the information they need to ensure their adoption process remains theirs. Your adoption should be yours to choose and to decide exactly how it proceeds.  The power of autonomy is why Adoption Choices of Nevada provides personalized adoption plans for all birth mothers. We care about your needs and aim to provide you with inclusive, empathic, and professional support so that you can walk your adoption journey confidently, knowing both you and your child are fully taken care of. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada today if you need help with your private adoption in Reno. We are ready to protect your right to choose and are excited to be a part of your adoption journey!